Fixodent in Stone Mountain, Georgia - Fidodent adhesive with scope and zinc

Not resolved

when I used this product became very ill.. My hand and feet were tingling and burning ...

I could not use my hand due to my fingers not opening up correctly.. The pain was unbearable causing me to call my doctor... after using this product for 4 days.... After giving thought to what I am doing new in my life I LOOK ON THE COMPUTER AND FIXODENT WAS THE PROBLEM..

The ZINC may cause neuropathy and do to me being diabetic the neuropathy was increased...I think that should be on each tube of Fixodent that diabetic should not use this product.. however on the tube it does say about serious reactions,,, BUT it does no state which health problem before a person purchases this mess...ZINC is bad for diabetic...

Monetary Loss: $5.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

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